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  • Image of Field Notes - Snowblind
  • Image of Field Notes - Snowblind

Snowblind, Fall 2015, printed November 2015

- 3 Pack of Pocket Notebooks

- 48 page memo books

- measure 3-½" wide by 5-½" tall

- 100# Sappi McCoy Silk cover stock silk-screened with two custom inks. A pearlescent “interference” ink logo and the rest of the book is coated in “photochromic” ink that changes color when exposed to sunlight. Indoors, they’re white, outdoors they’re blue!

- bound with rugged saddle-stitch process and three glossy white staples

- Finch Opaque 60# text paper marked with a very faint gray graph

- 29th quarterly COLORS edition

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"I'm not writing it down to remember it later, I'm writing it down to remember it now"

Made in the USA

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