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  • Image of Selvedge Magazine - 2016
  • Image of Selvedge Magazine - 2016
  • Image of Selvedge Magazine - 2016

A design-led, 100 page, bi-monthly magazine that covers every facet of textiles – interiors, fashion, art, craft, travel and shopping – in an intelligent & inspiring way. Selvedge will fit seamlessly into your creative lifestyle

Issue 68, January/February 2016 The Carnival issue welcomes the new year with a celebration of the spirit, color and warmth of South American textiles and culture. In Peru, Bolivia, Brazil and Chile, the origins and legacies of centuries old textile traditions are explored. Knots, crochet, color and the sartorial influence of the 1970s combine for a bold and vibrant view of the year to come.

Issue 69, March/April 2016 The Millinery issue looks into the world of hats and the thinking behind sculptural design. A world of textile treasures is discovered and the myriad histories and people behind indigo are explored. All in all continents, processes and skills are crossed leading to an issue beyond all scale and proportion.

Issue 70, May/June 2016 The Delicate Issue takes a careful look at the truly delicate and precious world that is textiles. From the fragile nature of ancient Japanese textile practices, through the fantastical world of fairytale to the balancing act of designing under your own name.

Issue 71, July/August 2016 The Southern Issue largely looks to below the equator for design that cuts through the heat. From pompoms, through irate to feed sacks, the vibrant stories that carry our social past and textile future are examined.

Issue 72, September/October 2016 The Green Issue covers what it means to be 'green' Celtic textiles, artistic sheep and thousands of air miles...

Issue 73, November/December 2016 The Decorative Issue takes embroidery in all its modern and ancient guises and ends up in the costume department; gazing at props and puppets made for film and television, the library; considering the moral implications of embellishment, the pyramids and the disco; taking a moment to reflect on the history of the sequin.

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Made in London, UK

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