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  • Image of Selvedge Magazine - 2017
  • Image of Selvedge Magazine - 2017
  • Image of Selvedge Magazine - 2017
  • Image of Selvedge Magazine - 2017

A design-led, 100 page, bi-monthly magazine that covers every facet of textiles – interiors, fashion, art, craft, travel and shopping – in an intelligent & inspiring way. Selvedge will fit seamlessly into your creative lifestyle

Issue 74, January/February 2017 The Wild Issue travels to high altitudes and remote locations to find fibres in extreme environments. At a time when a staggering 85% of the world's clothing is made from cotton it is of upmost importance to turn to natural fibres such as cashmere and alpaca. These are fibres that protect, warm and dry their wearers in the harshest possible conditions. Observing one's environment is a key component to any lasting design – as proven by the rich, floral legacy of Josef Frank, contemporary folk costumes of Europe and Liberty's ever-influential print department. From South Korea, via Kyrgyzstan, to Sweden the fibres, prints and traditions that give textiles their global variety and brilliance are explored.

Issue 75, March/April 2017 The Endeavour Issue discovers the true benefits of work. From apprenticeships at Dovecot Embroidery Studios to the revival of the French worker’s jacket, it looks at how we work with fabric, and how it works with us in return. From its health benefits to its economic, social and political impacts, travel from America’s largest mills, to Japanese denim and Mourne Textiles, where a great woman’s work is now being recovered.

Issue 76, May/June 2017 Trade winds are the prevailing wind patterns that carried ships across oceans, establishing trade routes that changed the course of textiles forever. This issue explores the cross-pollination of ideas made possible by trade, from the batik villages in Pekalongan, Indonesia, to cotton’s journey from Savannah to the port of Liverpool. Looking to the eastwhere, traces of French tradition in exquisite Vietnamese embroidery are found, and a trip through France discovers how the country’s rich textile history makes itself known today.

Issue 77, July/August 2017 The Chakra Issue celebrates the subcontinent of India's longstanding connection with textiles. 2017 is India’s 70th anniversary of independence. Journey to the banks of the Sabarmati river where the air is perfect for spinning some of the world's finest thread, explore the politics of the sari, and visit a family of carpet weavers followed by a village of traditional wood block carvers. From the architectural resilience of tarpaulin to appliqué and dyeing in Ahmedabad, Indian culture is embedded with textiles in every aspect of contemporary life.

Issue 78, September/October 2017 The Substance Issue celebrates the material empathy of a favorite innovator, Dutch designer Christien Meindertsma, and others working from Eindhoven. The same ingenuity is seen in the spirit of the Pennsylvania Dutch settlers, who adapted their aesthetic to meet new circumstances when they fled religious persecution in the 17th century.

Issue 79, November/December 2017
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