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  • Image of Selvedge Magazine - 2015
  • Image of Selvedge Magazine - 2015
  • Image of Selvedge Magazine - 2015
  • Image of Selvedge Magazine - 2015

A design-led, 100 page, bi-monthly magazine that covers every facet of textiles – interiors, fashion, art, craft, travel and shopping – in an intelligent & inspiring way. Selvedge will fit seamlessly into your creative lifestyle

Issue 62, January/February 2015 The Thread issue explores textiles stitch by stitch. From stunning naturally dyed silks to vintage sample books Selvedge looks at the charm of these trimmings through the centuries.

Issue 63, March/April 2015 The Pattern issue finds inspiration comes in all shapes and sizes. From fractals to painted interiors. Minimalism is abandoned and the decorative takes center stage.

Issue 64, May/June 2015 The Ageless issue is dedicated to timeless beauty. A celebration of aging gracefully, fashionably, energetically and gently.

Issue 65, July/August 2015 The Pop issue listens as textiles evoke the sounds of summer. Rhythm, pattern and flow are qualities shared by textiles and music, the harmony between the arts are explored and woven together from the Pop Art Movement to pixelated code woven into fabric.

Issue 66, September/October 2015 The majestic & humble India issue is filled with stunning textiles and coincides with the V&A’s India Festival. From the opulent world of Indian couture to India’s sacred trees in divine photography, the spirit of the country is captured in these pages and Rajasthan’s splendid colour-filled streets.

Issue 67, November/December 2015 The Migration issue celebrates the festive season by indulging every sense. The relationship between memory, cloth and scent, is explored, the atmosphere of Christmas markets in Germanys captured and spice is added to shopping ideas. It all adds up to a feast for the eyes.

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Made in London, UK

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