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  • Image of StoryTile - Coaster Dots
  • Image of StoryTile - Coaster Dots

It's all good to hang your StoryTile up on the wall or even adhere it in place, you do you, but sometimes you just want to set your drink on your art.

Turn your StoryTile into a coaster with Coaster Dots.
and other times you like your art to casually recline. Don't need to protect wood surfaces? Try resting your StoryTile in a Tabletop Holder.

Ceramic tiles have been made in and around Delft, The Netherlands, since the 16th century. StoryTiles continues the tradition by creating works of art on tiles baked in traditional Dutch ovens at a high temperature. The tiles are heat and water resistant and will last a lifetime. See and enjoy the play between classic and modern elements. StoryTiles are heat and water resistant, so tiling in the bathroom or kitchen is also possible

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Made in Holland

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